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A Message from this Governor

Oct. 2018

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Hello MDSD District optimist, as you may know this year we have a TEAM of past governor's leading our District -1st quarter David Bowman, 2nd quarter Mark Harris (Bill Stone helping), 3rd quarter Ken Bollinger, 4th quarter Dale Hoffert. This was voted on at the 4th quarter conference/convention last year when governor elect Tom Snyder was unable to step into the role of governor due to health reasons, We wish Tom all the best and hope he make's a full recovery and someday can step up to be governor.
We ,meaning the district leadership have already taken steps to fill the leadership roles for the future and will be looking at the members to help fill future roles in the district (WE NEED NEW BLOOD IN LEADERSHIP ROLES NOT THE SAME PEOPLE OVER AND OVER) so think about stepping up you will find it to be very rewarding.

If you are not already aware this is the 100th centennial of Optimist International, WOW we have been around for 100 years that really says something about OUR organization, this is a time to celebrate what we do in brining out the Best in Kids, our communities and ourselves. You know over the last 100 years optimist international has changed with the times and so we must change as well, the time of saying "That is not how we have done it in the past" is over, that is the past we need to look to the future and think of new ways to help the kids. I am not saying that we don't need the past but we must learn from the past and not be afraid to try NEW ideas NEW ways of doing things and NEW projects for the future. These are troubling times we live in and the youth of our communities need us now more then ever before, so I am asking each and everyone to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX and find new ways and fresh ideas to make this world a better place for our kids, if we do that then I think we can all sleep a little easier at night knowing we did everything we could to make this a better place for our children.

David Bowman
VP Elect Mid-Atlantic Region 19/20
Distinguished Governor MDSD 14/15
"Bee the One"

Slogan: "Choose Optimism"

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