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Bill Stone
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8/17/2018-8/19/2018 Red Lion Hotel Baltimore North 2004 Greenspring Dr. Timonium, MD 21093 Cutoff Date for Reservations July 17, 2018 Registration Fee must be Postmarked by July 27, 2018

A Message from this Governor

Oct. 2017 Update

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 Good morning all. My 1st month in office has been a very busy and productive one. Going to visit clubs for installations, building new clubs and meeting many new and existing friends has been a very rewarding experience. So far, we have attended 11 installations, built 1 new JOI club with potential for 3 or 4 more and built 1 new club in Delaware. Thanks go out to Mike DeFiore and Charlie Smith for building a new club. Thanks go out to Rene Sirk and Tabatha Ringer for building a new JOI club. We have several others in the works and I hope that they can cross the finish line with them. In attending the club’s installations, I was very impressed with the hospitality and fellowship received. I think they all thought I was too skinny and tried to fatten me up with great food. Participating in fund raisers too has been very rewarding. In the past month we have had the local Blessing of the Fleet, Oyster Festival and an Auction which due to great weather all were very profitable. 

Slogan: "" One Team, One Dream""

Welcome to the MDSD District website. It is my pleasure to serve as your Governor for the 2017-2018 term. My theme this year is "One Team, One Dream". Every member in our district are an essential part of this team.

Governor's Update


 My Fellow Optimists, 

It is my great pleasure to serve as your Governor for the 2017-2018 term. My theme this year is “One Team, One Dream.” Every member in our district are an essential part of this team. My dream is for our district to be recognized, to be distinguished for all the hard work we do in ‘Bringing Out the Best in Kids.’ 

I have several goals to help accomplish my dream for this year. Our district, its members, its clubs, its zones, have already done so much to help the youth of our communities. Together, as a team, let’s continue to increase community involvement. We can build new clubs, rather it be a sports club, a college club, a club within a club, more JOI clubs. Every club should hold a NOW (New Optimist Welcome) event to carry the message of Optimism forward. It does not have to be the traditional dinner, like in the past. Any event your club sponsors can become a NOW event, just have applications available and members ready to spread the word of Optimism. Let’s reach ever corner of our communities and find those who want to join our team, those who want to help support the youth. 

I want to recognize those team members who go above and beyond in our organization – those individuals who stand out in our district, rather through bringing in members, assisting in building new clubs, or coming up with new ideas for their clubs and district to help bring out the best in youth. 

Most importantly, I want to improve the line of communication to the members of our district. District bulletins will be provided via email and snail mail. Embracing the era of social media, I will be providing a monthly Governor’s message on the MDSD Optimist/District 33 Facebook page. Each week, I am going to send out a message covering different topics in optimism. I want everyone to know what the Optimist organization represents. I’d like to offer an ‘Open Door’ policy to every member in this district. If you have any questions/concerns, or just want to talk about Optimists or any new ideas to help our organization, please don’t hesitate to contact me – 

We have thirty-three Optimist clubs in our District. I want these clubs to act as one unit (team) to help fulfill the dreams of the youths of our communities. To accomplish this, we must work together as one and help each other with all that is involved to accomplish this dream. 

I want to thank you for all that you have done in helping the youth in our community and for all the great achievements that you will accomplish this year in continuing with this objective. 


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